information architects salary

A computer network architect designs all kinds of data communication networks – from small ones (e.g., LANs) to extensive networks connecting whole areas (e.g., WANs). Network architects are greatly sought out and the job position is among the highest paid ones. The professionals must have extensive knowledge not only of engineering-related matters, but also of their company’s business plan (e.g., one company might need an intranet; another one a LAN, etc.).
What is Network Architecture?
Network architecture is the layout of the network. A network consists of transmission equipment, communication protocols, software, and infrastructure. Network architects make sure that connectivity between the components is uninterrupted.

The duties of a network architect cannot be dissected to the tiniest detail for one simple reason: the market changes at all times. I.e., developments in cloud computing now inevitably push the market towards a completely new approach in network architecture.

Senior Positions
Some network architects choose to further their career. With age comes wisdom, as the saying goes, and so does experience. After accumulating years of practice in the field, a skilled network architect may easily become a manager. Both information systems managers and computer managers in general stem from the field.

Other positions also come to mind, e.g. control systems staff engineer. These professionals are in charge of overseeing critical infrastructure. The position portends high levels of responsibility and is usually paired with technical assistance and support across the board. Control systems staff engineers are called upon when any urgent situation arises.

information architects salary

An experienced network architect may also choose to become a maintenance planner. As the title implies, maintenance planners keep in touch with clients, oversee project progress, and see to all tasks being executed within the projected time frame.